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these are characters from the 2003 tmnt with partner pokemon. they are:

leo - vaporeon (male)

raph - flareon (male)

donnie - espeon (female)

mikey - jolteon (male)

mona lisa - leafeon (female)

venus - glaceon (female) 

tami - absol (male)

casey - umbreon (male)

april - sylveon (female)

splinter - pikachu (female)

cody - eevee (male)

starlee - eevee (female)(shiny)

shredder- malamar (male)

karai - zoura (female)

ancient one - dragonite (male)

kon - cobalion (male)

juto - keldeo (male)

chikara - virzion (female)

hisomi - terrakion (male)

faraja - pyroar (male)

adam - ursaring (male)

joi - braviary (male)

tora - mightyena (male)

angel - purrlion (female)

nobody - zoroark (female)

silver sentry - metagross (male)(shiny)

metal head - lairon (male)

ananda - magnezone (female)

chrysalis - beautifly (female)

tsunami - samurott (male)

raptarr - pidgeot (male)

nano - electabuzz (male)

green mantle - tropius (male)

professor - ralts (female)

traximus - shieldon (male)

leatherhead - krookodile (male)

usagi - lopunny (female)

gennosuke - rhydon (male)

tomoe ame - vulpix (female)

ultimate daimyo - nintales (female)

lord simultaneous - dialga (male)

renet - celebi (female)

hun - hydreigon (male)

touch and go - plusle and minun (both male)

baxter stockman - klinklang (male)

chaplin - elgyem (male)

bishop - liepard (female)

garbage man - garbodor (male)

dr. malignus - heatmor (male)

drako - haxorus (female)

ultimate ninja - greninja -> froakie (male)

rat king - raticate (male)

darius dun - houndoom (male)

jammerhead - duskclops (male)

torbin zixx - gardevoir (female)


nicole newcomer
United States
i love pokemon

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