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these are the children of some of the robot masters that I made. () means that is their civil name and the most of the children are human robot hybrids. these kids are:

Megaman and Sofia the first - mega girl (Megan)

copybot (archie comics) and Sofia the worst - copygirl (meg) 

Protoman - protoboy (Blues Jr.)

elecman - elecgirl (Ella)

timeman - timegirl (Twilight)

Bass and Roll - Fara (Rachael)

Crashman and Quake woman - quakeboy (Tenn)

Cutman and Catonia (HealerCharm's oc) - cutting virus (Cathy)

iceman - icegirl (Icy)

fireman - firegirl (flare)

oilman - oilboy (Ollie)

metalman - metalboy (Mel)

quickman - quickgirl (Quinn) 

flashman - flashboy (Fagan) and flashgirl (Fanny)

woodman - woodboy (Woody)

magetman - magnetgirl (Maggie)

snakeman - snakegirl (Sneha) 

shadowman - shadowgirl (sally)

Diveman and splash woman - splashboy (Spencer) 

skullman - skullgirl (Shayna) 

gyroman - gyroboy (Gye) 

starman - starboy (Stan) and stargirl (Stella)

crystalman - crystalgirl (Crystal)

flameman - flameboy (flame)

tomahawkman - tomahawkgirl (Tammy)

shademan - shadeboy (Shawn)

slashman - slashgirl (Sadie)

tornadoman - tornado girl (Tonya) 

hornetman and honey woman - honeygirl (Honey)

magicman - magicgirl (Maddie) 


nicole newcomer
United States
i love pokemon

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o u o Hi there lovely serperior pic <3
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thank you, it was supposed to be a fan fiction. read my comment in the picture to see. 
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thanks ofr the favs on my Next Gen ponies! be sure to check out the rest of my gallery and if u like what I draw then if u want watch :D (Big Grin) 

I have to clubs too :iconponifyingdisney: and:iconimagination-elements:
check them out if u want :D (Big Grin)
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Thanks for the fave! I am a dummy! 
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Thanks for the "Goodbye..." megaman fav! Sorry for the late reply!
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mmmmm good
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what do you mean?
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