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these are my sonic pairings:






espio-michelle (nightottsel oc)

shadow-jade (chibi-jen-hen oc)

mighty-crystal (chibi-jen-hen oc)

charmy-sapphire (chibi-jen-hen oc)


i have some ocs here they are:

mascara the echidna- 5 year old daughter of knuckles and rouge. she is really strong, being able to lift more than a building. but she hates it when her parents fight. she has her fathers apperence but she is white and has a black symbol on her chest. she also has a pair of black bat wings on her back. she wears a pink short sleeved shirt and a small black skirt. because she is knuckles daughter, she has a special connetion with the master emerald. she can also use the power of the chaos emeralds so she can turn into her super form.

ember- a shiny jirachi and the adopted daughter of silver and blaze. she has both psychokinesis and pyrokinesis, and she knows how to use them skillfully. her egg was in the sol kingdom and could only hatch if blaze kissed her true love while holding it. it hatched when she kissed silver. because she has both their abilities, silver and blaze were the perfect pair to raise her. she loves her parents very much and is a free-spirted girl. she loves to have fun with her dad and her mother often tries to teach her how to behave and act like a princess. she is also a fire-psychic type instead of a steel-psychic type. she can also use the power of the sol emeralds to turn into blazing ember.

skyla- a shiny manaphy who is the adopted daughter of jet and wave. i gave her egg to them so she could be raised by them. she wears a brown treasure hunting outfit and wears a brown bandana on her head so her anntane droop down.she has a exterme gear of her own uses it with great skill. she has some of her dads personality and is rude like he is except to her parents and her friends mascara and ember. she is also the keeper of the chaos rings (which were created with the help of both the chaos emeralds and the 7 world rings) which she wears on her antenne. however because they are very powerful, an eighth ring was made to keep the chaos rings in cheak. if skyla lost the eighth ring, she would be courpted by the power of the chaos rings. she can also use them to turn into her super form. she also likes to call storm her "uncle" and she loves her parents very much.
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August 21, 2012


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